• 19-22 September 2023
  • Milan, Italy

Culture, Tradition and Innovation

Why Milan and Vigevano?

The UITIC (International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians) Congress is an international event that brings together experts, researchers, and professionals in the footwear industry to exchange knowledge and best practices.

Milan is a major center of the fashion industry and Vigevano has a long tradition in the production of high-quality shoes. Therefore, the choice for a suitable location for the UITIC Congress is clear.

Milan is also known for its advanced infrastructure and excellent transportation links, making it easy for attendees from all over the world to travel to the city and it offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels, to suit the needs of different attendees.

Moreover, Milan is a hub for research and innovation, with several world-renowned universities and research centers focusing on fashion, design, and technology. Therefore, the city can provide a unique platform for attendees to explore the latest advancements and trends in the footwear industry.

Why Italy?

The footwear industry is one of Italy's most significant manufacturing sectors, contributing significantly to the country's economy and it's famous worldwide for its high-quality shoes, with many of the world's leading fashion and luxury brands sourcing their footwear from Italian manufacturers.

Italy's footwear industry has a rich history dating back to the 19th century, when small family-owned businesses began producing shoes using traditional craftsmanship techniques. Over the years, these businesses have grown and evolved into large-scale factories, incorporating modern production techniques and technology while retaining the country's traditional focus on quality and design.

The footwear industry is a vital part of Italy's economy, generating revenue of over €8.5 billion and employing around 75,000 people in 2021, according to industry estimates. Italian-made shoes are in high demand globally, with exports accounting for over 70% of the country's footwear production.

Italy's footwear industry is known for its emphasis on design, craftsmanship, and innovation, which has made it a leader in the luxury footwear market. The sector is divided into several sub-segments, including sports shoes, women's shoes, and men's shoes, with each segment having its unique characteristics.