• 19-22 September 2023
  • Milan, Italy

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We are pleased to invite you to propose your participation as a speaker at the 21st International Technical Footwear Congress of the International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC), which will be held on 20-22 September 2023 in Milan. UITIC will collaborate with ASSOMAC, organiser of SIMAC / TANNING TECH and co-host of the event. The executive implementation is assigned to MESSE FRANKFURT ITALIA a renowned brand active in the organization of international technical exhibitions and congresses.
Footwear manufacturers and experts will discuss on the future of the footwear companies through sustainability and the main innovations will be presented. The common topic will be:

Moving towards Sustainability through Innovation

The integration of sustainability in all its dimensions is no longer an option for the global footwear industry. It is a pressing and urgent necessity. It is also an opportunity for companies to find new sources of competitiveness and attractiveness.

If innovation and sustainable development have sometimes been considered as two antagonistic principles, they must now be fully associated to ensure the viability of the company.
Sustainability is becoming more and more important in society and it is seen by consumers as an increasingly important value. In this context, neglecting sustainable innovation when creating products, services and equipment would be a mistake that could lead to turning one's back on the future.

In our sector, all the processes of design, production, logistics, distribution, all the services and organisations will have to reinvent themselves with this new mindset by integrating in particular the great possibilities brought about by the digital transition. In the same logic, new standards or regulations should be understood as opportunities for differentiation, and this new, more responsible business model will offer young people real opportunities to contribute to the future, including of course that of the footwear industry.

This is the most important evolution for several centuries, and we need to move quickly. That is why the UITIC, in the framework of its 21st Congress, is inviting you to share your work or your experiences on all these subjects.

UITIC and ASSOMAC count on your cooperation to propose an attractive event to the worldwide footwear community!

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