• 19-22 September 2023
  • Milan, Italy

Tacchificio Villa Cortese

Stepping into the future while keeping the past close to our heart

Company history

Founded in 1961 by Luigi Gazzardi, Tacchificio Villa Cortese now is managed by his children, Maurizio, Fausto and Donata, and grandchildren, Silvia, Eric, Chiara, Alessandro, and Valeria.

The second generation of company leaders, with their innovative spirit, accelerated TVC’s transition towards mastering new materials. Meanwhile, the company has remained, as it does today, true to its founder's values.

The past decade has witnessed a third generation of company leaders with Silvia, Eric, Chiara, Alessandro, and Valeria. This corporate structure guarantees TVC and its affiliate companies’ continuity of principles and values, making TVC a paragon within the market.

The manual skills and craftsmanship acquired in the 1960s and 1970s with the production of wood heels still constitute a wealth of knowledge for the company, allowing it to adapt flexibly to the most varied demands from clients and the market in general.

Thanks to sizeable investments made in research and design; the modernization of procedures, workflows, and manufacturing facilities with an eye towards industry 4.0; the continual focus on human capital as a strategic company asset; and the provision of quick, efficient, precise services, Tacchificio Villa Cortese is recognized by its clientele as an indispensable partner.

Research & Development

To continuously make our processes more efficient and further optimize our products, Tacchificio Villa Cortese has partnered with the MUSAM-Lab of the IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca, Italy to establish an internal R&D department. The goal is to implement cutting-edge systems and technologies that guarantee the continuous improvement of the experience offered.

Product innovation is pursued by investigating alternative approaches that can potentially increase the value of a product in terms of performance, sustainability, and quality, with the goal of anticipating and satisfying client and market requests. To this end, we embrace the potential of simulation software, laboratory instruments for material characterization, and testing machines.

This approach is indispensable to the promotion of sustainable growth that adds true value for all stakeholders.

Efficiency drivers include:

· The compilation of reports and certifications to certify the quality, traceability, and sustainability of end products.

· Our goal is product innovation aimed at investigating alternative approaches designed to improve performance, variability, versatility, sustainability, and quality.


For Tacchificio Villa Cortese, sustainability is a philosophy that embraces the entire structure, which then translates into a development strategy. We consider it the highest form of respect towards our stakeholders and the highest form of moral responsibly towards future generations.

We are committed to pursuing it in all its areas: environmental, social, and economic and we do our best to improve, spur and spread ideas and knowledge both internally and in the ecosystem of which TVC Group is part. We want to give a solid contribution to promoting a model of sustainable growth, bringing added value to all our stakeholders.

That’s the reason why we’ve always made sure we were using every bit of wood scraps left over from our manufacturing processes to heat up the production areas back in the day. In the last decade, we have installed a geothermal plant and solar panels, which generate about 70% of the energy used by the company and make it possible to guarantee truly sustainable operations.

Our sustainable products


FheelGreen™ is a sustainable alternative to traditional ABS showing excellent performances in terms of sustainability while also maintaining the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics. FheelGreen™ requires fewer resources in the production and transport phases and this results in a decrease in emissions (GWP) relevant for the sustainability analysis. It is optimized for recycling, with no performance compromises.


Our R&D Division, exploiting new sourcing methods and selecting raw materials from organic wastes, introduced a new bio-circular-attributed material. The solution shows identical performances and quality of traditional products while leading to the overall reduction of environmental impact indicators, including CO2 emissions associated with the product life cycle. Bio-circular products are supplied along with an ISCC PLUS sustainability declaration which allows companies to certify sustainable products using the Mass Balance approach, a methodology that guarantees traceability of the sustainable content along the whole supply chain from the raw materials to the finished product.

Website: https://tvcgroup.it/