• 19-22 September 2023
  • Milan, Italy

MADE - Competence Center Industry 4.0

Business innovation, led by business


MADE is a Competence Center for Industry 4.0 created by MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) that simulates a digital factory with the aim of carrying out education, training, industrial and funded projects with Italian manufacturing companies, particularly SMEs, on Industry 4.0 issues.

MADE4.0 is a technical interlocutor that companies can contact to be supported during the digital transition towards a smart factory, with the aim of keeping their profile high, competitive, and sustainable.

With its 2,500m² demo-center with over 90 examples of applied technology, training rooms and coworking spaces, MADE4.0 represents a reality capable of responding in a practical way to the needs of companies

MADE 4.0 supports Italian manufacturing companies through key services: education, training, industrial projects and funded projects.


MADE4.0 illustrates the potential of enabling technologies for Industry 4.0 to businesses (especially SMEs). Thanks to the use cases installed in the MADE 4.0 facility, it is possible to discover the enabling technologies of the smart factory to facilitate knowledge and understanding.


Through the School of Competencies 4.0, MADE4.0 organizes courses, paths, and training experiences on Industry 4.0 topics based on a practical and operational teaching method that takes advantage of the technologies present in MADE.

Industrial Projects

MADE4.0 offers support to facilitate companies to carry out digital transformation projects aimed at the innovation of products and related production processes. This is a concrete  activity to support companies, made possible by the technical resources, human capital, and network of companies that collaborate with MADE4.0.

The digital transformation of manufacturing processes with a view to Industry 4.0 can be defined as the sequence of activities that every company must carry out to learn how to govern the new competitive scenarios that will revolutionize the foundations of different businesses, with the support of digital practices, skills, and technologies.

Funded Projects

MADE 4.0 empowers academic and industrial partners to participate in funded projects through the exploitation of installed assets and solutions, as well as the concept of the "Teaching and Learning Factory".
MADE 4.0 offers partners access to European networks in which an international network of expertise can be developed by leveraging the know-how of consortium partners.

MADE4.0: Technologies

To simplify usability and facilitate the creation of in-depth paths, six technological areas have been implemented within the Competence Center, in each of which one or more fundamental processes of a product’s life cycle are experienced and topics related to Industry 4.0 are discussed in a practical way.
In each of these areas there are demonstrators through which it is possible to live about 90 “experiences” to understand the main technologies that enable digital manufacturing.
These are the areas into which the Competence Center is divided:

• Virtual Design and New Product Development
• Digital Twin and Virtual Commissioning, Lean Manufacturing 4.0, Logistics 4.0
• Collaborative robotics and intelligent worker assistance systems
• Quality 4.0, Product traceability and additive manufacturing
• Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes, Smart energy monitoring and control, Smart maintenance
• Industrial Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics

MADE4.0: Partners

MADE – Competence Center Industry 4.0 is an initiative made possible thanks to the shared vision of 46 private companies, 4 universities, and 1 public body.

MADE’s partners are mainly involved in the following activities:
• Technology transfer: being at the service of the Digital Transformation of enterprises and companies
• Networking among co-participating partners to collaborate in synergy
• Learning and acquiring new technologies and know-how to be more competitive through technology transfer projects and training courses
• Building a bridge between research and innovation

Address: via Durando 10 - 20158 Milano

Website: https://www.made-cc.eu/it/