• 19-22 September 2023
  • Milan, Italy

Pavia Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce Industry Handicraft and Agriculture

Institutional Partner

Italian Chambers of Commerce Industry Handicraft and Agriculture are "public bodies that perform functions of general interest for the business system, focusing on development of local economies" (definition taken from the Chamber of Commerce Reform Law 580/93).

Key Functions:

  • Administration services: archiving and updating of business registers, lists, bars etc where all the main information on all firms and business are registered.
  • Promotional services: support to businesses and the development of the local economy, to improve competitiveness and territorial promotion.
  • Monitoring, studies, and analysis of local economic data: providing all necessary information, collected from and provided to businesses, to obtain in-depth knowledge of the socio-economic situation in the area.
  • Market regulatory functions: to promote and increase levels of transparency, confidence and equity of economic relations between businesses and between businesses and the general public.