• 19-22 September 2023
  • Milan, Italy

Banco Desio

We are a modern bank with a very specific history: we develop our business by placing the relationship with the customer at the centre

Founded in 1909 under the name of "Cassa Rurale", we have grown and changed in parallel with the times, the society and the market, always holding onto the centrality of the territory and the relationship with the customer as our core values for development and innovation.

We are now a multifunctional banking Group which, through its companies operating in Italy, offers a complete range of banking, financial and insurance solutions.
Our defining features

We have always recognised the following to be the characteristics that define the way we operate:

  • strong local roots;
  • a flexible and effective structure;
  • an ongoing dialogue with the customers.

This is what has allowed us to understand the needs of households and companies, to select and propose products and services tailored to their specific requirements and to offer to the customers concrete and effective support.