• 19-22 September 2023
  • Milan, Italy

Industrie Chimiche Forestali

We are invisible but we are everywhere. Made in Italy since 1918!

Since 1918 we have been producing in Italy and exporting all over the world technical products for gluing and reinforcing footwear, leather goods of all kinds and industrial products.

There are 125 of us, all dedicated to product development to make all our customers satisfied in order to achieve ambitious goals.

We respect the rules and the environment and believe that working as a team can allow us to live better.

Respect for the environment and sustainable development have always been aspects of primary importance for all the people who work in Industrie Chimiche Forestali.

The first steps for the creation of an Integrated Company Management System were undertaken since 1997 with the adoption of a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard and the adhesion to the "Responsible Care" project of Federchimica.

In 1998 the adoption of the Environmental Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and with the EU Regulation. no. 2017/1505, and of the Safety Management System in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard in 2009.

From 2010 to today, the Company has well consolidated all the Management Systems achieved and has applied the 231 model.

In 2020 it published the first Sustainability Report and obtained the IATF16949 Certification for the automotive sector ICF has therefore made great strides in the last twenty years on the subject of Sustainability in all its aspects: economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability.

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